I have been working in the food industry for the past 15 years.

I started off as the sole owner of World Beat Cafe located on the Drag in Downtown Austin, Texas. At World Beat Cafe, I specialized in African Cuisine, serving food from my home country, Nigeria, along with other cuisines across the African diaspora, including Ethiopian, Ghanian, and Jamaican..


After many years and many loyal customers, I unfortunately closed the doors of World Beat Cafe. However, 5 years later, I opened Wasota African Cuisine. Wasota African Cuisine was originally located at Bouldin Park Food Truck and eventually moved to East Austin at Kenny Durham’s Backyard. There I focused my culinary talents on West African food exclusively while also incorporating vegan aspects into my menu. In 2018, I thought I was ready to retire and closed my doors once again.


However, a few months in to retirement, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to retire. After much contemplation, I decided to “re-open my doors“ but wanted to re-brand the business and serve an all-vegan African cuisine menu. This decision was a result of my revelation that I wanted to share the phenomenal food of my home country while also focusing on the importance of health and nourishment in the food I am serving, thus Wasota Vegan Paradise was born.


At Wasota Vegan Paradise, we have an entirely vegan menu, but with the same great quality and taste you have experienced at World Beat Cafe and Wasota African Cuisine. As we continue to re-brand and focus on the health of food, we hope that you join us in this new adventure, alongside my customers from early beginnings —  which I am so appreciative.



Welcome to paradise and thank you all for the continued support!




Lawrence Eguakun

Owner, Wasota Vegan Paradise

Austin's vegan paradise

"As we continue to re-brand and focus on the health of food, we hope that you join us in this new adventure..."


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